KEMAPCO® Arab Fertilizers & Chemicals Industries Ltd is a limited liability company, fully owned by Arab Potash Company. (KEMAPCO®), has a plant production capacity of 150Ktons annually of Potassium Nitrate (NOP) fertilizer, and up to 60Ktons annually in batches of Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP), animal feed additive and Nitric Acid that is currently used for internal consumption up to 115 Ktons annually.

KEMAPCO® production facilities are located in Aqaba – Jordan with close proximity to the raw materials and the exporting port. The plant is established in an Area of 126,000 m2 and employs around 215 employees.

KEMAPCO® products quality is well distinguished worldwide thanks to its production process by utilizing unique ion Exchange Technology developed by Kemira. This Technology has been acquired by KEMAPCO for an indefinite period.

In less than 1 decade time, KEMAPCO® has become a leader in several markets worldwide, the company supplies around 12% of world total demand of Potassium Nitrate directly and through prominent business partners assuring speedy and flexible deliveries.

With undergoing increased demands on specialty fertilizers as a result of growing demands on food and water scarcity, Kemapco is committed to continue delivering its KEMAPCO® NOP with its high quality standards and services to all of its customers by offering continues improvements as per customer’s expectations and demands.