Arab Fertilizers and Chemicals Industries Co. (KEMAPCO) won for the second time  the Safety and Occupational Health Excellence Award, which the Social Security Corporation (SSC) awards annually, to distinguish between enterprises participating in the transforming industrial manufacturing sector and for KEMAPCO's commitment to the application of Health and safety standards as per the applicable legislation.
General manager Bassam Zoumot has received this award on 22/3/2018 at an event under the patronage of Minister of Labour and Chairman of (SSC) and in the presence of members of the Board of Directors and representatives of a number of economic and labour associations and the media.
It is noteworthy that the award aims to promote Safety and Occupational Health measures and raise the level of labour workplace environments in the productive enterprise, which would be reflected on the protection of the workforce and to ensure the integrity of the human factor and the community through the promotion of excellence in safety and health fields and honoring building excellence in these areas in order to reduce work-related injuries.