Quality Assurance

Kemapco dedicates itself for continuous improvement in all activities to deliver value products and services that meet customer expectations by creating fertilizers and chemicals of the highest quality and consistency, both physical and chemical, ensuring a constant supply of nutrients to the food chain aligned with our commitment to the chemical’s industry “responsible care”.

Our Quality Management System that complies with the international standards ISO 9001:2015 enhance our ability to manufacture and provide consistent tailored products and helps Kemapco accomplish its objectives and bringing a systematic disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control production and packaging processes.

These goals are achieved through clear and documented work steps, where the Quality Section checks to confirm compliance to the above-mentioned standards through several steps, such as internal auditing, random sampling, ensuring following international storage and handling practices, reviewing work procedures and customers’ requirements on a regular basis to take the right corrective measures at the right time and follow them up.

 Moreover, our on-site Quality control laboratory provides immediate feedback to our high-tech manufacturing facilities guaranteeing the premium quality of its raw materials, consistency of its intermediate process streams, compliance of its environmental performance and assuring the steady yield and conforming specifications of our closely monitored “Superior Products”.

To compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace, KEMAPCO strives for continuous improvement of the processes, products and services, to meet customers’ evolving needs and building long lasting relationships with all stakeholders, by fostering an inclusive work environment built on empowering KEMAPCOs’ employees to learn, share, collaborate and work as one team.