KEMAPCO seeks to be a model for the optimal use of energy and water in a way that ensures the sustainability of the production process at the lowest costs while preserving the environment. Since the beginning of the design of the production process, excellence in environmental performance has been the focus of KEMAPCO by conducting total environmental impact assessment and manufacturing hazard studies, adopting their results and working according to them.

In application of these principles and policies: KEMAPCO treats the gases resulting from industrial processes according to scientific and engineering principles that ensure that none of these gases exceed the permissible limits according to Jordanian and international specifications. KEMAPCO fully utilize the thermal energy generated in the nitric acid unit in the production of steam and in other heating processes necessary to complete the production of potassium nitrate and nitric acid.

KEMAPCO's needs of fresh water are fully covered by desalinated water that is produced from the desalination plant (capacity 4 Mm3), while the rest of the produced quantity, which exceeds 3 million cubic meters annually, is pumped to the water network in Aqaba to be distributed through the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the Aqaba Water Company to fill the acute shortage of pure water sources.