Overview about KEMAPCO

KEMAPCO® Arab Fertilizers & Chemicals Industries Ltd is a limited liability company, fully owned by Arab Potash Company. KEMAPCO® has a plant production capacity of 175 Ktons annually of Potassium Nitrate (NOP) fertilizer and Nitric Acid that is mainly used for internal consumption up to 115,000 tons annually.

KEMAPCO® supplies around 12% of world total demand of Potassium nitrate fertilizer (NOP) of the best quality directly and through prominent business partners ensuring flexible and speedy deliveries.

KEMAPCO® production facilities are located in Aqaba – Jordan with close proximity to Jordan’s only port. KEMAPCO® utilizes high purity indigenous raw materials of Jordan i.e Potash, and limestone and employs around 277 employees.

KEMAPCO® NOP is a water-soluble NK fertilizer and is the first choice of supplying nutrients to the plants, Nitrate–Nitrogen for rapid uptake and readily available potassium. KEMAPCO® NOP is well distinguished worldwide using a unique Ion exchange production technology, for its high purity, low salt index, low chlorine and perchlorate free products. KEMAPCO® is committed to continue delivering its KEMAPCO® NOP with its high standards of both quality and service by offering continuous diversified improvements to meet customers’ requirements and demands.



  • The Company was established under the name Kemira Arab Potash Company Ltd. (KEMAPCO) as a 50:50 joint venture between Arab Potash Company (APC) & Kemira Agro OY in Finland.

  • KEMAPCO is inaugurated by His Royal Majesty King Abdulla II.

  • KEMAPCO starts production of its Potassium Nitrate & Dicalcium Phosphate products.

  • KEMAPCO becomes fully owned by APC.

  • KEMAPCO signs distribution contracts with Prayon SA of Belgium & Omnia Group of South Africa

  • KEMAPCO launches its product under the KEMAPCO® brand.

  • KEMAPCO separates its production line of NOP & DCP to allow for separate production.

  • KEMAPCO launches its NK – Mg Product range formulas.

  • KEMAPCO launches its physically blended NPK Products

  • KEMAPCO starts its expansion project to increase its Potassium nitrate production capacity to 175 KT/Year.

  • KEMAPCO completes installation and starts operating Jordan's first Seawater desalination plant.

  • KEMAPCO completed its NOP expansion plan and increased its production capacity to 175 KT/Year