Arab Fertilizers and Chemicals Industries Ltd, (KEMAPCO) has been awarded King Abdullah II Award for Excellence –Jordanian Exporter Award for medium manufacturing enterprises.
The Company's General manager, Bassam Zoumot, was honored to receive the award from His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Hussein in the ceremony organized by King Abdullah II Centre of Excellence on 23/3/2016.
King Abdullah II Award for Excellence is the most prestigious award to be granted to the private sector in the Kingdom and was granted for the first time this year. The award was granted after a thorough evaluation process with predetermined criteria covering the company’s complete operations related to export processes and company’s performance and governance.
The aim of the award is to honor Jordanian exporters locally and worldwide who have shown commitment and sustainable export performance, and have worked towards increasing production efficiency and optimizing costs.
The award also aims to recognize the exporters' successes and achievements in addition to enticing the companies towards development and increased exports activities.
Kemapco and its employees are proud of this award and shall endeavor to continue executing strategic plans to enhance performance, increase production & exports, and maintain the highest degree of standards in quality and safety, in addition to contribute in supporting the national economy in all possible ways.