KEMAPCO NOP Standard Grade

Potassium nitrate is a water-soluble NK fertilizer containing 13.7% nitrate nitrogen and 46% potassium oxide (38.4%).

Comparable with other water-soluble potassium sources, Kemapco Potassium Nitrate offers additional benefits including:

  • High purity and low salt index.                                                          
  • High solubility.
  • Low chlorine level.
  • Non detectable Perchlorates level. (virtually free )
  • Slightly acidic pH.
  • High N: K ratio and readily available nitrate nitrogen.
  • Free flowing.
  • Low moisture content.

Kemapco Potassium Nitrate is easy and safe to use.


Chemical Specifications:

  • Total Nitrogen 13.7%
  • Total potassium oxide (K2O): 46.2%
  • Water insolubles: 0.01%
  • pH of a dilute solution: 6.0-8.0


Physical Properties:

  • Form: White crystalline powder
  • Bulk density loose: 1.10-1.20 t/m3


Main Uses

Our NOP is mainly applied for the production of high value crops:in

  • Direct fertilizer application
  • Water-soluble NPK fertilizer mixtures
  • Liquid feeds



Direct Application, NPK and NK granulation or Ammoniation, NPK and NK Bulk blending, liquid and suspension fertilizers, fertigation (Spinkler, mini sprinkler and Drip irrigation), foliar sprays, foliar NPK fertilizers, starter and transplant solutions, winter hardener, winter breaking dormancy sprays, flowering inducement sprays.



Flowers, vegetables, strawberries, soilless culture, (indoor and outdoor), tobacco, potatoes, fruit trees, grapes, citrus, pineapples, cotton, bananas, mango, olives, home gardens, lawns.

KEMAPCO® NOP K content provides numerous positive effects such as, Increase root growth, improves drought resistance, reduces water loss and wilting, enhances winter hardiness & improves resistance to pests and diseases. These effects lead to several quality improvements that are reflected as:

  • Increases protein content in plants.
  • Increases starch contain in grains and tubers.
  • Increases vitamin C and solid soluble content.
  • Improves fruit color and flavour.
  • Improve fruit size.
  • Increases peel thickness.
  • Reduces Physiological disorders (creasing and cracking in citrus, blotchy ripening complex in tomato…etc)
  • Enhances storage and shipping quality.
  • Extends shelf life.


Other Applications:


Potassium nitrate is used in a wide variety of applications including glass manufacturing, explosives for mining and civil works, metal treatment and fireworks.



Potassium nitrate is a well-known ingredient in the food industry, as a mean to cure and preserve meats against microbial agents and to maintain the desirable color of meats and hard cheeses.



Potassium nitrate is a well-known product to de-sensitize sore teeth. It is therefore, a common ingredient in sophisticated toothpastes focusing on the treatment of sensitive teeth.



Mixtures of potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate salts are increasingly used  as means to significantly enhance the efficiency of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants. This salt mixture, due to its high latent heat capacity, is very effective in storing thermal energy for up to several days. This distinctive “rechargeable battery” feature enables nitrate molten-salt CSP plants to continue producing electricity steadily as needed almost unaffected by solar energy variations over a 24-hour period.



  • 25kg palletized bags, 1000kg and 1200kg Jumbo Bags.




TDS NOP (13-0-46) Standard.pdf 

SDS NOP (13-0-46) Standard.pdf